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a simple path: Testimonials

“Somehow the stress I was feeling dissipated over the course of the treatment. I felt like a flower opened up and began blooming as the treatment went on ~ I know, a weird visual, but that’s the best way I can describe it!  And with the blooming, went the stress.” – Reiki session client

A Simple Path was founded by two friends, Maryellyn Crowley and Deb Forkins. We both have our roots in western medicine. Maryellyn has a background in psychology and hospital administration and Deb has a background in respiratory care and hospital administration and is a certified Health and Wellness coach.

In 2017, we found the restorative nature of Reiki and our lives were changed forever as we followed the simple path towards integrative wellness. Adopting such a lifestyle means a lifelong journey of choices that we make to create balance in our lives to ultimately achieve our highest potential of wellbeing for our body, mind and spirit. We are Integrative Wellness practitioners, Reiki Master practitioners, Certified Mindfulness practitioners and presently working towards certifications as Yoga practitioners. We founded a simple path to share the energy and wellness practices that have truly transformed our lives.

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