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“Somehow the stress I was feeling dissipated over the course of the treatment. I felt like a flower opened up and began blooming as the treatment went on."


pain relief

"Reiki guided by Deb and Maryellyn has considerably relieved the pain associated with my MS (which I have had for about 15 years). My massage therapist was amazed by the change in my tight muscles, becoming much more pliable and with the results lasting longer after my Reiki sessions than ever before.”  – Reiki session client

>> Side note:  the massage therapist noted above was so impressed with the results he saw in his client after Reiki that he is now going to Reiki training to incorporate Reiki into his massage practice. 

a happier child

“XXXX has done amazingly since the Reiki. Last night he was even silly and giving kisses. That’s HUGE! Today he is much chattier and more smiley. I really feel the Reiki did wonders for him and I’d love to continue the treatments for XXXX on a biweekly basis.”  – Mother of XXXX, a non-verbal 16 year old child with Cerebral Palsy

feelings of peace and relaxation

The benefits I have received from Reiki treatments include deep relaxation and an inner peace.  I have also experienced an energy surge the following day”. – Reiki session client


“I felt so very relaxed and happy after the Reiki treatment….I can’t even describe how good I felt!  Thank you!” – Reiki session client


“I am feeling so relaxed and calm and good today (day after Reiki session) that I feel I could fly.” – Reiki session client


“I felt so very calm and peaceful yesterday (day of Reiki treatment) and today too!  I slept great also. Was skeptical at first but I definitely noticed a difference. Would like to come back for another session next week.” – Reiki session client

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