past events

A simple path has partnered with others to share wellness practices with the community.  

  • A simple path was invited to partner with RISE Fitness Studio in Glen Ellyn, Illinois to bring mindful meditation to their members during the annual Back To Fitness Challenge.

  • A simple path was invited to offer Reiki sessions to the nurses of Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago during Nurse’s Week. 100 nurses received a Reiki session during that week.

  • A simple path has partnered with Points of Wellness to host community programs on Sound Healing and Integrative Wellness Practices.  

  • The BR Ryall YMCA in Glen Ellyn, Illinois partners with LIVESTRONG to promote the importance of physical activity after a cancer diagnosis. By invitation, a simple path offers Reiki to the LIVESTRONG participants to promote relaxation and mitigate the stress and unwanted side effects of cancer treatments.  
  • A simple path donated a Women’s Wellness Retreat to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois to the Arboretum’s annual Fund Raiser.  

  • A simple path has led many short programs on mindfulness, meditation, Reiki and Self-Care Wellness practices throughout the Chicagoland community.

past wellness retreats


In collaboration with Nutritional Coach Anne Guarneri, BS Dietetics, MS Nutrition, a simple path held a retreat in the beautiful Driftless area of southeastern Wisconsin on the weekend of October 5–6, 2019. We enjoyed clean and balanced eating, meditation, mindfulness walks, our take on sound healing and a goat yoga session!


In October 2020 and again in 2021, a simple path partnered with Nutritionist Anne Guarneri, yoga practitioner Kate Frautschy, and Farm Proprietress and Naturalist Aby Breed for our Wellness Retreat at Heritage Hollow Farm. The retreat was a joyful event with women who arrived as strangers and left as friends, self-care modalities that guided us on our own wellness journeys, and a setting that allowed for reflection, stillness, rejuvenation and gratefulness. (oh yes, and some fun along the way!)